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Barunwa cleaning services LTD PTY provides high quality services to the Gauteng area.

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Commercial cleaning

Service benefit: Always Prepared

We offer a good cleaning service. Our commercial cleaning service including:

  • On-going commercial cleaning
  • Once-off commercial cleaning
  • HACCP commercial cleaning

All our commercial cleaning work is performed by skilled cleaning staff with onsite supervision and management. Our commercial cleaning service includes office and business cleaning which comprises routine cleaning of floors, tiles, ceilings, carpets, kitchen, bathrooms and all other cleaning your business may require. If it needs cleaning, we can assist you.

With our commercial cleaning service, we use our own cleaning equipment and provide materials such as liquid soup, cleaning detergents, paper towels and toilet paper.

Customized Commercial Cleaning Services

We realize that every business has different cleaning requirements. Some businesses may need commercial cleaning every hour of every day, while others will need a brief clean each morning. That is why we can fully customize a commercial cleaning package for your business. We can even clean after your business hours so as not to disturb your customers and employees during operating hours.

Commercial Cleaning for Any Business of Any Size

Barunwa Cleaning Service provide commercial cleaning services across a wide range of industries and our knowledgeable staff have experience in cleaning various locations such as schools, offices, restaurants, universities, retail stores, gyms and hospitals. No matter your size of business premises we can provide a professional commercial cleaning service for you.

Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

Looking to hire a commercial cleaning company? Let us take the hassle out of keeping your business site clean with a customized commercial cleaning service to meet your business requirements.

Industrial cleaning

Service benefit: Attention to Detail

We offer industrial cleaning service is ideal for your business, factories, warehouses and manufacturing premises. We offer:

  • On-going industrial cleaning
  • Once-off industrial cleaning
  • HACCP industrial cleaning

We know that warehouse, manufacturing and factory facilities require expert cleaning methods. Our industrial cleaning service uses powerful safe cleaning materials and techniques to remove tough grease and dirt usually found in industrial locations. All our industrial cleaning staff are well trained and managed onsite by a supervisor.

Customized Industrial Cleaning Services

We realize that your industrial cleaning requirements are unique to your business. Different premises require specific cleaning chemicals and methods and expensive equipment needs to be cleaned in a certain way. Therefore we offer a fully customized industrial cleaning service to meet your unique requirements. No matter your business size from the large manufacturing plant to the small food warehouse, we take the stress out of keeping your site clean.

Contact us for a fully customized industrial cleaning solution.




Service benefit :

Each garden is a unique hand drawn design, a one-of-a-kind work of art! By incorporating different and suitable landscaping and hardscaping elements, paying attention to detail and providing a professional installation service, we aim to create an outdoor space that will not only meet, but exceed your desires, hopes and expectations.

Hygiene services

Service benefit: Expert Service

Hygienic washrooms and communal areas are of paramount importance in any office or commercial space. If these areas aren’t kept completely germ free and hygienic, germs and bacteria easily spread to employees and anyone else that may come in to contact with them, leading to sickness and ill health.

We provide a full range of hygiene services and products for workplace and commercial spaces. Our service incorporates all areas of complete washroom and workplace care including hand washing and drying, air care and sanitary and disposable wares. Some of our hygiene products for example include soap dispensers, hand dryers, toilet liners, floor mats and more. These products are available for outright purchase or on a rental service agreement.

Our cleaning service offers a complete range of washroom equipment and consumables, depending on your washroom size, style, purpose and budget. We will provide a tailor-made solution for your hygiene needs; no job is too big or too small for us.

Areas that we provide solutions for:

  • Hand washing and drying
  • Sanitary disposal
  • Toilet roll and dispensers
  • Urinal hygiene
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Medical waste disposal
  • Air Care

With our hygiene services you can be assured that you will receive high quality hygiene solutions that eliminate bacteria and other infectious micro-organisms in bathrooms and other high-risk environments.

Hygiene. Cleaning Hands. Washing hands.
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Chemical deep cleaning service

Service benefit: Always Prepared

Our cleaning includes a deep cleaning service for those hard to clean places and areas which have a large concentration of germs.
Our deep cleaning service uses safe chemicals to penetrate and effectively remove germs and bacteria. Deep cleaning service is ideal for:

  • Ablutions such as toilets, urinals, showers, toilet bowls and basins.
  • Kitchens, including drains, worktops, floors, stoves, fridges and cupboards.

Even if an area looks clean there are some germs and bacteria that might still be present. Our chemical deep cleaning service will ensure that the area and surfaces not only look clean but are free from germs and bacteria. Contact us for all your deep cleaning requirements for your toilets and kitchens.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service

Service benefit

Barunwacleaning services offers a specialized business carpet and upholstery cleaning service to keep your offices looking clean and professional. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning service use one of two methods.

VLM cleaning
Very low moisture (VLM) cleaning is a popular method of carpet cleaning. This method of upholstery and carpet cleaning uses limited water and typically drying can take place over 1-2 hours. This method is best for businesses that need to minimize the disruption of cleaning.

Wet extraction cleaning
This method of upholstery and carpet cleaning is best for getting rid of stubborn stains and grit in your carpet. This is perfect for high traffic areas in your offices and should be repeated every 4-6 months.

We clean all sizes of carpets and areas and both carpet cleaning methods are effective and recommended based on what is required for your business. Let us remove all stains, dirt, sand and allergens from your carpets and upholstery with our expert cleaning services.


Window and High Access Cleaning

Service benefit: Expert Service

We specialize in high access cleaning services for the hard to reach places such as windows, ceilings and roofs.
Our high access and window cleaning service is performed with the help of specialized equipment including ladders, scaffolding, water-fed pole systems and mobile elevating work platforms to ensure effective and safe cleaning of the surface.
We also offer rope access cleaning for specific projects such as high-rise buildings, this technique allows us to reach and clean any window at any height.
All our cleaning staff are fully qualified and follow high safety standards to ensure the cleaning is done effectively and efficiently.
Give us a call for all your high access window cleaning requirements.

Pest Management

Service Benefit: Always Prepared


Our pest control service ensures your peace of mind by taking care of your pest problems. Our pest management service includes:

  • Rats and mice
  • Cockroaches
  • Biting insects
  • Flies

Rodents, birds and insects can carry diseases. With our specialized pest management service we will remove pests from your business premises for a safe and clean work environment.

If you have a pest problem, give us a call